Fascinating culture of Jews in Poland

History of Jews in Poland lasts for 1000 years. To familiarize yourself with it and understand it better you need to visit old synagogues and cemeteries, former Jewish schools, city quarters and small towns that used to be inhabited by Jewish communities. It’s good to visit museums and other institutions dedicated to Jews and places connected with them. It is obvious that all tourists interested in Jewish history visit the former German Nazi concentration camps – the sings of martyrdom. I would like to encourage you to find some time also to search for the sings of life of Jews that used to cocreate the society and culture of Polish Kingdom and the Polish Republic.

The majority of these places of interest are located in eastern Poland. Tourists that visit Auschwitz usually go to Cracow to visit the magnificent Kazimierz (Cracow Jewish quarter), but the fact is that despite Cracow there are other Jewish centers in Poland – for example: Lublin, Leżajsk, Włodawa, Kazimierz Dolny, Biłgoraj, Krynki, Szczebrzeszyn… If these names don’t mean anything to you, you are in the right place – in the future posts we will try to present you towns and city quarters that save the sings of Jewish architecture, culture and religion. Follow us!

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