Kazimierz Dolny – the colony of artists and Renaissance

Kazimierz Dolny_2Kazimierz Dolny is a picturesque small town by Vistula river, 60 kilometers from Lublin and more than two-hour drive from Warsaw (almost 150 kilometers; you can easily get here by bus). This unique place not only has its medieval history (a castle from 14th century) but also a rich history of the time of Renaissance. During the 16th&17th centuries Kazimierz Dolny was one of the major trade centers between Cracow and Gdańsk. The fortunes of the local noble families grew thanks to the grain trade. That’s why we can admire the historical, Renaissance granaries in Kazimierz. The monument of that time is also a parish church and decorated houses of the noble families. You will surely fall in love with the market square and the streets in the area. You may find your way up to the watchtower or the Hill of the Three Crosses with a spectacular view and – another time – you will make a walk to the synagogue or an old cemetery. You can enjoy a peaceful time in Franciscan church (located on the hill) or… in the numerous loess valleys in the area. You will easily notice that (since the end of the 19th century) Kazimierz is a place loved by artist and it has an atmosphere on its own. What’s more – a number of small galleries, original souvenirs shops and nice cafes and restaurants will “steal” you time for sure…

Kazimierz Dolny_Market Square viewed from the parish church gateKazimierz Dolny is a place loved by Polish people. Many of the Warsaw residents spend here their weekends. There are also lots of cultural events, especially in the summer time. So, if you’d like to avoid crowd you shouldn’t visit Kazimierz during the weekends and the summer time. Even getting there might be a nightmare (traffic); the same about finding a comfortable and cheap parking place…

Definitely time during the week and out of the summer season is the best option to visit that unique gem of Lubelszczyzna. If you choose Monday – remember the museums will be closed but probably you will avoid the crowd of the organized groups in the town. That’s really something – believe me!

P.S. Any language mistakes? Please ignore it or let me know>>  bialavoda(at)gazeta.pl.

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