Zamość – the Reneissance town (UNESCO)

Following the spectacular places of the World Heritage List let’s visit Zamość.Zamosc_city hall by night

It was founded in 16th century as the private property of the chancellor Jan Zamoysky. The city structure was modelled on the Italian, Reneissance theories of the “ideal city”. It is often called the “Pearl of the Renaissance”, “Padua of the North” or “City of arcades”. Here you’ve got an unique opportunity to observe the original layout with spectacular fortifications (some of these were reconstructed last years) and monuments which gives you an idea of the Reneissance city of the central Europe. (Please read more here).

During your sightseeing you should walk by the fortifications to get an idea of the area of the old town. You need to see the huge main square with the city hall and the picturesque tenement houses with the arcades, feel the atmosphere and walk the streets to see the important monuments like the cathedral church and the Academy. Find the synagogue and a number of churches…

Zamość is situated in southeastern Poland, about 300 km from Cracow, 270 km from Warsaw and 90 km from Lublin. You should know that usually it’s easier to get here by bus than by train. What’s important – if you find your way to Zamość, you should take an advantage of your visit and try to see some of the region called Roztocze (soon read more on our website). You can do it on your own (a little bit challenging if you use the public transport) or buy a nice 1day tour in the tourist office.

Let’s fall in love with Zamość!

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